Current Ezee Promotions

At Ezee Credit, we can help regardless of your credit situation. We routinely provide financing for people who’ve been turned down elsewhere. 

From our experience, Ezee Credit offers you money-saving advantages over many of our competitors: 

  • Our vehicles frequently have 50,000 to 100,000 fewer kilometres 
  • Our annual interest rates are often 8 to 10% lower
  • We commonly provide financing with 12-24 fewer months of payments.

Our Promotions & Programs make it even easier to start rebuilding your credit in a reliable car you’re proud to drive.

Here are the special offers available right now:

Ezee Start-Up Program

At Ezee, we understand that start-up costs can be a burden. That’s why you’ll love our Ezee Start-Up Program. It let’s you pay those costs over time – while you’re driving. You can get rolling sooner, even if you don’t have all the money you need up front.

We'll Hold up to 10 Payments

When you’re having credit challenges, we know it can be difficult to manage the start-up costs of a vehicle as well as the ongoing regular payments. At Ezee, we make that easier. We’ll give you extra time before your lease payments begin, so you can cover your start-up costs and be driving sooner.




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